Skincare for Men, Your Essential Men’s Facial Skincare Routine

Skincare for Men, Your Essential Men’s Facial Skincare Routine

The days of skincare being the exclusive realm of women are over, and according to recent research from Statista male skincare is a booming $85 Billion global industry, expected to grow to $110 billion in 2028!

For the uninitiated man (or even those who do have some knowledge), skincare can be both confusing and intimidating.  Thankfully PMD has developed a deep understanding of male skincare needs, and has devices specifically designed for male skincare needs.  We’re here to demystify skincare, and to provide an easy to follow facial skincare routine and tips for men.

Building a Facial Skincare Routine for Men

So you’ve decided you want to upgrade your skincare game, what now? How to take care of male skin can be broken into 3 simple categories, and PMD Beauty has the essential facial skincare tools tailored for the modern man’s facial skincare routine.  This guide will help you explore the best skincare tools, tips and tricks for maintaining healthy, vibrant skin.

  1. Cleanse (Daily)
  2. Exfoliate (Weekly)
  3. Moisturize / Protect (Daily)

Top Facial Cleansing Tool For Men

Male skin is considered to be more prone to adult acne when compared with women’s skin. Why? Higher testosterone levels stimulate higher oil and sebum production which can clog pores leading to blemishes and inflammation.  Men’s lifestyle choices also play a big role in leading to congested skin.  Beards and mustaches can catch and trap dirt, debris and oil. Ineffective or irregular cleansing routines fail to effectively cleanse the skin.  On top of this, using your hands versus using a cleansing tool has been proven to be less hygienic and can spread acne causing dirt and bacteria on your face!

Using the right men’s facial cleansing brush will instantly elevate your skincare routine. PMD Beauty developed the iconic Clean range of facial cleansing brushes and the PMD Clean Acne is our top pick for men’s facial cleansing devices.

The PMD Clean Acne is an FDA Cleared smart facial cleansing device that uses ultra-hygienic medical grade silicone, gentle yet effective silicone bristles, and SonicGlow™ Technology to break down dirt and oil from within the pores at 7,000 vibrations per minute.  

So what should you do when you do get a blemish?  On the opposite side of the cleansing surface, the device features powerful medical grade LED’s which emit blue light that is proven to treat mild to moderate acne, and accelerate healing time.  


  • Use the PMD Clean Acne facial cleansing device daily, morning and night, to deeply cleanse the skin and eliminate the cause of acne.  
  • You can use the device with any cleanser, and we recommend using PMD cleanse Soothing Antioxidant Cleanser 
  • Bring your Clean Acne with you to the gym, or on a trip to maintain your daily cleansing routine.  
  • The PMD Clean is waterproof, so you can use this device anywhere you’d like including in the shower or at the sink, and can be easily washed off and cleansed after use.  
  • Spot treat breakouts in 3 minutes or less with the Blue LED treatment

Microdermabrasion, How to Exfoliate Male Skin

Even with regular cleansing, the skin naturally builds up a top layer of dead, dull skin.  This layer of dead skin, dirt and debris can block the pores leading to in-grown hairs, inflammation or breakouts, in addition to creating fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, and uneven texture.  An exfoliating treatment is the key to removing the top layer of dead skin revealing the fresh youthful skin underneath, stimulating new cell turnover and blood flow for immediate and long term benefits.  

Microdermabrasion is the most effective exfoliating treatment with professional microderm treatments costing upwards of $300 per session at a skincare clinic!  Fortunately PMD Beauty has you covered!   PMD has a range of industry leading, at-home Personal Microdermasion devices which deliver clinical results using patented spinning disc technology, perfectly calibrated vacuum suction, and a range of aluminum oxide crystal discs from ultra sensitive to very coarse to allow you to customize the level of exfoliation to best suit your skin.  

Our top pick for men is the PMD Personal Microderm Man, which is a microderm device designed specifically with male skin in mind, and is often featured in top male celebrity skincare routines.  The good news is that you only have to perform this treatment once a week for only 3 minutes!  



  • Use the PMD Personal Microderm Man device once a week for 3 minutes to exfoliate away the top layer of dead, dull skin.
  • Choose the disc that is right for you, new users should always start with the white disc, then increase disc intensity with each consecutive week. 
  • Perform the treatment on clean, dry skin.
  • While pulling skin taut, quickly glide the device in an upward motion across your skin without applying pressure.
  • Do one pass per area and avoid pausing.
  • For after care, apply a moisturizer, or use the PMD Anti-Aging Recovery mask to sooth and restore skin
  • For more detailed information about Microdermasion check out our blog post Understanding Microdermabrasion and Its Benefits.

Completing Your Essential Men’s Facial Skincare Routine

We’ve covered adding cool male skincare tech into your routine through Daily Cleansing and Weekly Exfoliation, what’s next?!  You can go down the rabbit hole of skin care products, but if you don’t want to over-complicate things, these are the 3 skincare essentials for every man: 

1) Cleanser

2) Moisturizer

3) SPF


Cleansing is the foundation of your skincare routine so it’s important to get it right.  You can’t go wrong using our PMD Clean Acne, and while you can use the device with any cleanser, let’s face it not every cleanser is created equal!  We recommend elevating your cleanser with the PMD Cleanse Soothing Anti-Oxidant Cleanser.  

This cleanser is formulated to deeply cleanse pores, removing dirt and oil without stripping the skins barrier which is a common problem with low quality cleansers and soaps.  The formula includes hyaluronic acid and peptides to increase hydration and stimulate skin regeneration.

Apply cleanser directly to your cleansing device, power on the sonicGlow vibrations, and move brush in circular motions to cleanse your entire face.  Rinse off the device following the treatment.    


Your skin is active, living tissue, and to take care of it you need to feed and hydrate it!  By using your PMD cleansing and microderm devices, your skin is now able to absorb the active ingredients in your moisturizer 20x deeper!  

We recommend using the PMD Regenerate Anti-Ageing Recovery Moisturizer which locks in hydration which helps facilitate the skin’s healing process from microderm treatments, and provides a daily boost to skin elasticity, firmness, tone and texture.  A little bit goes a long way, use after microderm treatment and daily in the morning and night for best results.


Talk to any skincare expert and they’ll all say the same thing, do yourself a favor and start using an SPF product every day before you leave the house.  Sun damage is no joke, and even the clouds aren’t protecting your skin from harmful UV rays.

To Summarize Your Essential Men’s Skincare Routine:

Daily Cleansing, Morning & Night

Weekly Exfoliation, Once a week for only 3 minutes

Moisturize & Protect, Daily

Check out our full collection of PMD Men’s products here!

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