Reusable Glass Bottles for Healthy Skin & Environment

Reusable Glass Bottles for Healthy Skin & Environment

Reusable Glass Bottles for Healthy Skin & Environment 

We are all out here trying to stay hydrated, stick to a skincare routine, and save the planet...among other things. Many of us know hydration plays a key role in skin health, but did you know that it is equally important what you choose to carry your water in? 


How Hydration Benefits Skin Health

Proper skin hydration reflects proper overall health and hydration. So, you can see why skin hydration is essential. Hydration contributes to positive outcomes like reducing the skin texture, making the skin appear softer, protecting the volume of the skin giving it a youthful bounce and giving the skin a balance of oils and water to create an even skin type and complexion while ridding the body (and skin) of lingering toxins. If any of these benefits are on your list of skin care goals, then you may want to evaluate if you are properly hydrated.  As for skin hydration tips, if you find that it is difficult to reach your hydration goals remember, you want to aim for 8-10 glasses, or about two liters per day. Remembering to stay hydrated throughout the day is only half the battle, but we find that having a beautiful reusable bottle as a hydration companion helps!


It Starts with Daily Habits

Incorporating Sustainable Practices in Daily Life:

The term “doing your part” is nothing new. We’ve heard it and maybe even said it ourselves. We find that doing our part is less of an obligation and more of a joy when incorporated into our daily lives. It’s a joy to go on walks and not find foil wrappers, discarded garbage and plastic bottles along the way. It’s a joy to go to the grocer and have your food packed perfectly into your reusable bags(let’s be honest, it’s a joy that you remembered them this time! Good work!), and it’s a joy to have a reusable bottle on hand whenever you need refreshment. There is something about remembering these small practices that makes you feel pure joy for the world we live in. May we also add, it brings a sense of accomplishment and a got-it-together attitude when you remember to pack your day with small but impactful sustainable practices.

The True Culprit Is the Last Thing You Would Expect

Advantages of A Reusable Glass Bottle:

 Did you know it’s also important to consider where you are getting this hydration from? The negative impact of drinking from plastic affects our body and our environment. On the other hand,using a glass bottle for water can reduce waste and give your hydration goals a boost . Glass water bottles are known to preserve taste better than any other type of bottle. This is because glass protects the water from absorbing other flavors from its environment. Glass is odor resistant, so no more metal or plastic taste! The beauty of glass in our environment is that it is infinitely recyclable. Glass can be used over and over again. The beauty of having your own glass water bottle is now you have an aesthetically pleasing hydration companion that is reusable, easy to clean, odor resistant, free of contaminants and preserves the taste of your water! 

Glass Bottles and Skin Health:

The protective nature of glass does not only apply to the taste. Glass is non-porous, meaning there are no pockets for microorganisms or bacteria to camp out in. Think of how many times you refill your metal or plastic bottles without giving them a good wash. This may seem harmless because “it’s just water” but the reality is: microorganisms and bacteria grow in these bottles because they are not cleaned regularly. When left on their own, these organisms will grow. This can lead to a myriad of concerns, including the texture, tone and sensitivity of the skin. This is such a common scenario that when a patient shows these symptoms, dermatologists will investigate the patient's daily activity to see where they could be subject to fungal and bacterial attacks. You’d be amazed by how often the water bottles and tumblers ended up being the culprit.

Now that you know to reach for a glass reusable bottle, you’ll want to find a bottle that fits your style.

Unique Skin Benefits Of  Rose Quartz:

You’ll recognize rose quartz by its warm pink glow. This stunning and inviting gem has been instrumental for  health and beauty by ancient civilizations including the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. Not only was the crystal used in facial masks and massage because of the rose quartz skin benefits. but it was also believed to give healing properties. 

Maybe these ancient beauticians were onto something! Could it be possible that the calming aura of rose quartz is what calmed the fine lines and wrinkles? Maybe the warm, enlightening color of the stone known to promote understanding and compassion also brightened the complexion? We’ll let you decide, but we would like to believe that adding this ancient beauty into everyday practices can only enhance the result and positivity you’ll experience.

Take Your Glass Bottle to the Next Level 

 Our obsession with rose quartz and the importance of incorporating sustainable practices in our everyday life lead us to creating the PMD Aqua RQ. The Aqua RQ is a beautiful, glass rose quartz crystal bottle. While other glass bottles with lids have limited function, the PMD Aqua RQ gives the versatility of drinking with or without a straw and even has a convenient  sleeve made from  luxury, soft silicone. Our goal was to create a statement piece for the everyday routine that was not just beautiful but also versatile, sustainable and above all helped you achieve your dream skin. After all, what more could you ask for in a hydration companion?

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