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The white training discs were designed for ultra sensitive skin. These discs are ideal when just starting the Personal Microderm or looking for an extremely light treatment. BONUS! Limited-Lifetime Warranty on all PMD Devices comes free when you SUBSCRIBE for auto-ship discs. Not sure what disc is right for you? Check out our Disc Comparison Guide! 

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Patented Spinning Disc Technology

The PMD Personal Microderm uses a patented spinning disc technology to deliver revolutionary microdermabrasion treatments and unmatched, brilliant results. The patented disc spins as it glides across the skin and provides a beautiful treatment without having to manually scrub the PMD against the skin, which many other microdermabrasion devices require.

Why Aluminum Oxide Crystals?

Aluminum oxide is a naturally occurring element that is extremely hard, second only to diamond. These crystals are completely hypoallergenic and prevent the possibility of any allergic or adverse reaction. The aluminum oxide embedded discs provide the most effective results available, and they completely eliminate the possibility of spreading bacteria that may cause breakouts or irritations, which is a risk when diamond tips are used.

Not just a treatment,
YOUR treatment

By embedding the aluminum oxide crystals onto each disc, the PMD Personal Microderm provides a unique exfoliating treatment that no other microdermabrasion system can. While most microderm tools contain only one standard intensity level, the PMD Personal Microderm discs are offered in five different levels of exfoliation. With five disc intensities, the PMD Personal Microderm allows for complete treatment customization; whether extremely sensitive or precisely intense, there’s a perfect setting for every skin type.

Disc Sizes for
Optimal Results

While the benefits of microdermabrasion for the face are radiant, they aren’t limited to just this area. The Personal Microderm allows for facial and body treatments by offering both small and large disc replacements. The small exfoliating disc easily treats the face, including hard-to-reach areas such as the nose and chin. The small disc also offers greater suction control, which is ideal for treating difficult or sensitive areas throughout the face.

Don’t Forget the Body

Don’t limit the radiant benefits of microdermabrasion to just the face. With PMD Personal Microderm, achieve the same luminous, radiant results when treating the chest, arms, legs or feet. The large body discs cover a greater surface area to more quickly treat the body. The larger body caps also create a stronger suction, and these caps allow the calibrated suction of the PMD Personal Microderm to effect more skin. This increased suction effect promotes new cell growth and breaks up adipose tissue, resulting in smoother, firmer skin for the entire body.

Replaceable Discs for Consistent Results

(3-4 uses per treatment)
After three or four treatments with the PMD Personal Microderm, the exfoliating discs will begin to feel less abrasive and effective than during the first treatment. When the treatment is no longer yielding the desired results, it is time to replace the old disc with a fresh, new one. These disposable discs deliver convenience and continuously high-quality results, making it easy to consistently uncover beautiful skin.

PMD Replacement Discs Guide

White Disc

Training / Ultra Sensitive
For people with ultra sensitive skin or those first learning to use the PMD

Grey Disc

Very Sensitive
PMD Replacement Discs Gray- Very Sensitive
For people with very delicate, sensitive skin that are ready for a level of exfoliation above the Training Disc.

Blue Disc

Blue PMD Replacement Discs
For people with sensitive skin that have used the PMD for several treatments and are ready for a level of exfoliation above the Grey Disc.

Green Disc

Green PMD Replacement Discs
For people with normal or non-sensitive skin that have used the PMD for several treatments and are ready for a level of exfoliation above the Sensitive Disc.

Orange Disc

Burnt Orange PMD Replacement Discs
The orange disc was designed for those who use the Personal Microderm weekly and want a higher level of exfoliation.

Red Disc

Very Coarse
Red PMD Replacement Discs
For people with normal to very coarse skin that have used the PMD for an extended period of time and would like an intense level of exfoliation.

Black Disc

All Over Body
pmd personal micoderm black replacement discs
The highest level of exfoliation, intended for body
use only. These discs are specifically recommended for use on the hands and feet.

Yellow Disc

Intense Body
Yellow PMD Replacement Discs

You asked, we delivered. Yellow is our most intense disc and made for our “die hard” users. Ideal to buff and smooth out the roughest spots of the body.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    This is perfect for your first use. It is soft enough that you can learn how to use the device better, but strong enough to make your skin feel refreshed and amazing!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Personal Microderm made me a little nervous to use at first. I have very sensitive asian skin. My friend told me that you could just buy white discs at pmdbeauty.com so I gave it a shot. I have loved them. Now I have worked my way up to the blue discs.

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