PMD’s mission is to build Brilliant Confidence in men & women around the globe. PMD is much more than a skin care company, we are a company committed to building confidence in your skin, your inner self and YOUR families.

“#BrilliantConfidence Testimonials is a video series that focuses on the inspiring results from everyday women and men who have skin problems and insecurities as you. PMD is much more than a skin care brand that sells products. We believe PMD can empower individuals to love who they are and embrace all that life has to offer.” – Sam Alexander, CEO.


Meet Jessica Alexander – My Skin Just Changed

Jessica’s skin changed when she turned 30. It wasn’t until she started using the Personal Microderm that she was able to get it under control.

Meet Dawn Gallagher – It really works!

“It just works”, says Dawn Gallagher. That’s all there is to it. The Personal Microderm gets the job done. Everything from fine lines and wrinkles to blemishes and hyper pigmentation. None stand a chance against the Personal Microderm. The Personal Microderm removes the top layer of dead dull skin to reveal fresh radiant skin underneath.



Meet Aaron Marino – Being on camera and getting older.

As someone who is on camera every day, Aaron understand how important your skin it. He discovered the Personal Microderm when he turned 40. It has helped keep him looking and feeling young.

Meet Michelle Money – TV Host, Actress & Single Mom

Tv Host, Actress & Single Mom, Michelle Money, knows how to keep herself looking her best in a hurry. The Personal Microderm is a peowerful and quick treatment you can do in just  few minutes leaving plenty of time for her career and her kid.


From the first treatment my skin was softer and smoother. “My skin feels amazing”