PMD’s mission is to build Brilliant Confidence in men & women around the globe. PMD is much more than a skin care company, we are a company committed to building confidence in your skin, your inner self and YOUR families.

“#BrilliantConfidence Testimonials is a video series that focuses on the inspiring results from everyday women and men who have skin problems and insecurities as you. PMD is much more than a skin care brand that sells products. We believe PMD can empower individuals to love who they are and embrace all that life has to offer.” – Sam Alexander, CEO.


Meet Jessica Alexander – My Skin Just Changed

Dawn Gallagher talks about overcoming flaws and turning them into her greatest assets. “The things you think that are your flaws and that you think you need to hide, you need to show with pride.” As Dawn became a supermodel, she was told that her modeling career would end at age 25. As her career moved forward and as she served others and experienced life, Dawn learned that beauty does not have an expiration date.

Meet Dawn Gallagher – It really works!

YouTuber, men’s lifestyle expert, and grooming guru, Aaron shares his story about overcoming obstacles to find his path to helping and impacting the lives of thousands of men. Aaron story is about persistence, resilience and fighting to the end. From a broken home, failed businesses and hitting rock bottom as the beer cart driver at a country club,Aaron got his hands on a video camera and started to film and has become a smashing success on Youtube. “True confidence comes from helping other people”. – Aaron Marino aka Alpha M



Meet Aaron Marino – Being on camera and getting older.

An actress, beauty guru and mother, Michelle reveals her story about her teen pregnancy and placing her son for adoption. “The decision to place this baby for adoption was not an easy one, but it was the right one.” Michele talks about moving on with her life and how she overcame struggles of her past and built the brilliant confidence she has today.

Meet Michelle Money – TV Host, Actress & Single Mom

“Double Whammy” Camee, a Medical Esthetician, Mother and MMA Fighter shares how she has overcome incredible obstacles and to become the confident women that she is today.


Jessica, a wife and mother of 4 boys knows how easy it is to lose yourself. This busy mother found herself by living a healthy lifestyle and learning to being balanced in all things. Get to know Jessica and be inspired by her #BrilliantConfidence.