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PMD Clean Redvolution

PMD Clean Redvolution

  • Powerful Cleanse With Red Light Therapy
  • Revitalizing Confidence Through Youthfully Firm, Elastic Skin
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    Cleanse, Brighten, and Firm Your Complexion


    A skincare breakthrough! This device merges SonicGlow™ Technology for deep cleansing with medical grade red LED lights to visibly smooth, lift, and firm your skin. Crafted for comfort with a smart touch sensor and waterproof silicone grip, it ensures safe and effective treatment. Its SonicGlow™ Technology breaks down dirt and oil with 7,000 vibrations per minute, lifting and toning your skin. Elevate your skincare routine with firmer, radiant skin at the palm of your hand!

    Skincare Concerns

    • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
    • Lack of Firmness
    • Dull, Sagging Skin
    • Englarged Pores
    • Redness and Irritation
    • Uneven Tone and Texture
    • Dullness

    Skin Type

    Mature, Normal, Dry, Combination, Oily, and Sensitive Skin.

    What's Included

    • PMD Clean Redvolution
    • Protective Goggles
    • Storage Case
    • USB Charging Cord

    Warranty & Return Policy

    We are confident in our products effectiveness and offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your Clean Redvolution Device please contact our customer service.

    PMD Beauty devices can be returned within 30-days of purchase.

    PMD Beauty devices come with a 2-year limited manufacture warranty

    Free Standard Shipping on all US orders.

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    Real Results

    Real Results

    • 91% said blackheads have diminished
    • 77% said blemishes have decreased
    • 69% said breakouts have decreased
    • 88% saw reduced appearance of pores
    • 91% said skin looks brighter


    • Smooths fine lines & wrinkles for a visibly youthful complexion
    • Firms, lifts, & sculpts to enhance facial contours
    • Stimulates collagen production, fostering age-defying resilience
    • Improves skin tone & texture, revealing a radiant glow
    • Tightens pores for a smoother, more refined appearance
    • Boosts circulation, promoting overall skin health


    How Our Technology Works

    • sonicglow-pmdclean-icon-2_855fb1a4-aecf-4bcf-90eb-2f71e6d1a9ec.png

      SonicGlow™ Technology

       Breaks down dirt and oil from within the pores with up to 7,000 vibrations per minute while operating at the perfect frequency to lift, firm, and tone the skin.

    • Red Light Therapy

      Uses powerful medical grade LEDs to emit red light, designed for targeted treatment promoting the skin’s natural collagen synthesis, a key factor in maintaining skin elasticity and firmness, which are essential for smooth, age-defying skin.

    • Touch Sensor

      This intelligent feature ensures that the LED lights are active only when the ring makes contact with the skin. This precision ensures a safe, effective, and targeted treatment every time.

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    • "PMD Beauty’s famous skin-cleansing tools just got even better."

    • "Go to war on wrinkles! This red light therapy tool boosts collagen and plumps skin while clearing dry, dehydrated skin cells for visibly younger-looking skin."

    How to Use

    Use the PMD Clean Redvolution daily to deeply cleanse and promote youthful, healthy skin

    How to Use

    Red light Therapy Instructions

    • 01

      Before starting, make sure the area to be treated is clean and dry.

    • 02

      Activate the device by pressing the power button located on the LED side.

    • 03

      Place the red light-emitting side of the PMD Clean Redvolution™ against the skin area you wish to treat. The device will vibrate briefly to indicate the start of the treatment.

    • 04

      Move the device around to each desired area to help smooth fine lines and boost skin radiance.

    • 05

      The treatment time can be 3-20 minutes adjusted based on personal needs or problem areas. The device will buzz after three minutes to help with the timing of your treatment.

    • 06

      Once the Red Light treatment is completed apply Radiant Vitamin C serum for the best results.

    Cleansing Instructions

    • 01

      Begin by rinsing your face with warm water to prepare your skin.

    • 02

      Rinse the PMD Clean Redvolution and apply cleanse Soothing Antioxidant Cleanser to the soft silicone bristles.

    • 03

      Power on mode 1 or 2 depending on your preference.

    • 04

      Use the device in circular motions across your entire face. Focus more time on areas that require additional attention based on your personal skincare concerns.

    • 05

      Recommended to use for cleansing once or twice daily, based on your skin’s needs and tolerance. For best results follow with regenerate Anti-Aging Recovery Moisturizer

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does the PMD Clean Acne & Clean Redvolution battery last?

    150-180 minutes.

    How do I charge my PMD Clean Acne & Clean Redvolution?

    Insert the long, thin end of the charging cord into the device. The charging port is in the center of the base of the device. The charging port has a tight seal to ensure that the device is waterproof, therefore this may require a stronger push than anticipated. Plug the opposite end of the charging cord into your outlet adapter, computer, or any other USB charging port available. The light behind the power button will illuminate to indicate that your device is charging. This light will turn off once the device is fully charged (2-3 hours).

    Can I use my own soap?

    Yes! The PMD Clean works with all liquid cleansers.

    Does the brush head need to be replaced?

    No, our silicone brush is odor-resistant, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and waterproof. The brush head is hassle-free and never needs replacing.

    How do I clean my device?

    Wash with soap and warm water, pat dry with a clean towel, and let it air dry.

    What is the difference between the PMD Clean and other cleansing devices on the market?

    The PMD Clean is made of ultra hygienic silicone which means it’s antibacterial, odor resistant, hypoallergenic, and waterproof. It never needs a brush head replacement, is ergonomically designed to flex with the curves of your face, and works well with all facial cleansers and skin types.

    Can blue and red light therapy be used together?

    They can be used in combination and be effective and safe.

    Is there anything I should not use on my skin in conjunction with the blue light?

    You should not use the PMD Clean Acne if you are taking any medications that are photosensitive (accutane, birth control pills, daily ibuprofen, antibiotics, etc.). Please ask your doctor if you are uncertain or concerned.

    Can I use retinol with the Clean Acne?

    We suggest that you not use retinol before using the Clean Acne, but you can use it afterward.

    Do I need to use a serum on my skin while using the LED feature?

    No, the PMD Clean Acne and Clean Redvolution should be used on clean, dry skin - it doesn't need a serum to conduct energy.

    Do I need to hold this in a single spot?

    No, you can choose to move the device around as you see fit. It's important to note that the touch sensor ring must be in contact with the skin at all times.

    Do I have to use the goggles when using this?

    The goggles help to protect your eyes from the LED light. However, the touch sensor ring, if fully in contact with the skin, should be enough protection that the goggles wouldn't be absolutely necessary.

    What is the wavelength for this device?

    The wavelengths are 630nm +/-5nm

    What is the proper way to use the device?

    Three minutes is the recommendation of time per area, users are able to use this longer on each area if desired. Professionally, LED therapy can be used for as little as 3 minutes and even up to 20 minutes daily. It is important to start slow and work your way up to longer treatments with Light therapy to avoid causing adverse reactions or sensitivities. The PMD Clean Acne and Clean Redvolution are only recommended to use continuously up to 20 minutes.

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    Use only as directed. Improper use may lead to rash, redness, itching, or even injury. In such cases, stop using the device immediately and consult a medical professional. Always wear the provided goggles and avoid direct eye contact with the LED lights during use. This product is intended for external use only. Avoid applying it to sensitive areas, especially on broken, irritated, or itching skin. Keep the product out of reach of children. PMD will not be responsible for malfunctions or injuries if the product is not used according to instructions. It is not intended for clinical or commercial use. It is crucial to apply sun protection when using any light therapy products, including the PMD Clean Redvolution, as they can increase skin sensitivity to UV rays. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage. If you experience discomfort or persistent redness for more than two days after use, discontinue use of the device. In case of light sensitivity or other conditions following use, please contact customer service. Results from the PMD Clean Redvolution may not be immediately visible and can vary. For any questions regarding its application, please contact our experts at 888-445-4532.