Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Microderm Questions

  • A: All skin types. If you are receiving care from a Physician please consult with them. The Personal Microderm is recommended for any individual looking for smoother, softer and brighter skin. Customize your treatment from ultra sensitive to very intense. The Personal Microderm reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, hyperpigmentation, blemishes, pores size, and uneven skin tone and texture.

  • A: We promise that after your first treatment you will have softer smoother skin. The Personal Microderm uses science not magic. After eight to twelve weeks of consistent use, individuals may see a reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation.

  • A: Everyone’s skin is different. Some sensitive skin types may never need to increase their exfoliation level by moving to a different disc color; others with more coarse skin will need to change to a higher disc level to see more significant results. Ultimately, the disc color used depends on your treatment goals. If you want a more intense treatment and if your skin has adjusted to the Personal Microderm, try a more intense disc. However, we recommend everyone begins their first treatment by using the white training disc. If your skin responds well, that is a good indication that you can move on to the grey disc the following week. After at least several weeks using the blue discs without being too intense, you may want to gradually begin incorporating the green discs into your treatments. After several more weeks, coarse skin types may carefully begin using red discs, which are extremely intense. Always remember to gradually and carefully increase the intensity with the disc colors; if you are too intense with your exfoliation, you may create red marks or scabbing. This may happen if you do not follow the instructions (stall, press hard, pass over the skin more than once or use the wrong disc).

  • A: The Personal Microderm Classic, Pro, Plus, and Man devices must be plugged in to operate. The power cord included with each device is not a charger, and the device will not turn on unless it is connected to power. This is to ensure a steady stream of energy to the device for optimal performance.

  • A: Here are some common trouble-shooting guides:

    1. Double check to ensure cap is tight. Screw cap on as tightly as possible creating a tight seal between the black rubber O-ring and the cap.
    2. Make sure your filter is clean. Wash after each use.
    3. Check the black rubber O-ring. This black rubber ring is replaceable. You can remove it and rinse it with mild soap and water. This ring is important to create a tight seal with the cap which ensures good vacuum suction.
    4. Tighten the cap as TIGHT as possible. If the cap is not tight enough, the seal will be broken and there won’t be any suction.

PMD Clean Questions

  • A: If you use the device once a day, the battery should last up to two months.

  • A: Chances are the battery is dead. In the PMD Clean unscrew the metal cap below, remove battery, replace, and screw the metal cap tight. For the PMD Clean Pro, insert charging cable into the bottom of the device, plug USB cord in, and charge for 2-3 hours.

  • A: 150-180 minutes.

  • A: Insert the long, thin end of the charging cord into the device. The charging port is in the center of the base of the device. The charging port has a tight seal to ensure it is waterproof, therefore this may require stronger push than anticipated. Plug the opposite end of the charging cord into your outlet adapter, computer, or any other USB charging port available. The light behind power button will illuminate to indicate that your device is charging. This light will turn off once the device is fully charged.

  • A: Absolutely! The PMD Clean is waterproof and safe to use anywhere.

PMD Kiss Questions

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