The Personal Microderm in US Weekly: ” This ‘Miracle’ Skincare Tool is Leaving People with Smooth, Baby-Soft Skin

US Weekly wrote an article on the Personal Microderm titled: “This ‘Miracle’ Skincare Tool Is Leaving People with Smooth, Baby-Soft Skin”. US Weekly featured the amazing testimonials of Personal Microderm users who called it a “miracle tool”, and noted how the Personal Microderm helped smooth out “problem areas”.

US Weekly throughly explained the benefits and science behind the Personal Microderm, noting that the Personal Microderm works for even the most sensitive of skin types! One of US Weekly’s favorite benefits of the Personal Microderm is that it helps to supercharge your skincare, thanks to it’s ability to it’s ability to penetrate up to 20x deeper into the skin.

“That’s right, our “I woke up like this” just changed from tired and sallow to glowy and smiling!”

By fading fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, evening out skin tone and texture, minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores, and allowing your skincare to penetrate deeper, this leaves your skin fresh, radiant, and glowing!

Spring is on its way and we plan to go foundation-free this year thanks to this device!

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