PMD Kiss in New Beauty Magazine

New Beauty Magazine's Beauty Report this month included 100+ Best Beauty Buys and PMD Kiss was featured as a, "high-tech lip-plumping device that gives you a fuller pout in mere minutes". If you haven't heard about PMD Kiss yet, get caught up here! Trust us, once you've learned the details of how Kiss works you'll want one. Don't just take our word for it, though, the editors at New Beauty said,

"It doesn't hurt at all - you feel suction and then some tingling as your lips plump up - and results are instant."

3 thoughts on “PMD Kiss in New Beauty Magazine

  1. Meri Simpson says:

    It’s amazing what the KISS will do for your face! I’m always complaining to my husband that I look like I have smoker lips, because I naturally purse my lips when I’m thinking, or concentrating hard, so I have tiny wrinkles all around my mouth. Not any more! I’m no beauty blogger, or expert at any type of beauty related thing for that matter, but I DO have a mirror, and I like what the KISS can do! It also comes with a Lip Plumping serum too! Amazing. The fist time I tried the KISS, the results lasted all evening and I kept looking in the mirror thinking “Wow. This thing really works!”. And since it increases collagen to your lips, I’m excited to see the long term benefits as well.

    • Maryssa says:

      Hi LaDuskey! The short term plumping can last several hours, with continued use you will build collagen and elastin resulting in long term fullness!

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