How to Use Your PMD on Your Feet- Personal Microderm Pedi!

How to Use Your Personal Microderm on your Feet

There are few things better than a pedicure. So why not pedi more often? These tricks will help you keep your feet looking and feeling soft and smooth!

Skin Preparation

Prepping your skin for a microdermabrasion treatment is important, no matter what part of your body you are exfoliating. Taking the time to prep your skin will give you the best possible results. So here are 3 tips:

1. Wash your feet with a gentle cleanser or body wash. Tip: Save a step! It’s easiest to do a Personal Microderm treatment twenty minutes after getting out the shower, when your elbows will be fresh and clean already.

2. If your feet are cracked at all, take a few days to slather Vaseline or Aloe Vera on them to help them heal. It’s never a good idea to exfoliate over broken skin.

3. To get an extra great exfoliation, try using a gentle body scrub on your feet after washing and before your Personal Microderm treatment. Tip: We only recommend this for those with thicker skin, or for a Personal Microderm treatment with lower grit exfoliation, like a blue or green disc.

Helpful Tips

Dare to Be Gritty The skin on your feet is a lot thicker than the skin on your face, so it can handle a coarser grit. If the first time with a green doesn’t do it for you, try the red and then the black. You will be amazed with the results!

Be a Rule-Breaker Because you’ve got those calluses on your heels and toes, we’ll let you break the rules this once. Go over those thick skinned area’s 3-4 times, to really smooth out the rough spots. Remember this is only a rule you can break when doing Personal Microderm Pedis!

<b>Before Bed </b>If you’ve got dry or peeking heels, do a treatment with a blue or green disc before you go to bed and slather on the vaseline and a pair of socks. Just like on your face, moisture will be able to penetrate deeper if you do a treatment!

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