Skin Preparation

Prepping the skin allows for a more even tan. Whether you are going to get a professional spray-on tan or an at-home-out-of-the-bottle tan, skin preparation will make a huge difference. So here are 3 tips:

1. Shave the day before you apply your tan. If you apply the day you shave you run the risk of having small cuts that then will become irritated and red when you apply the tan.

2. Exfoliate the day of. Use a device such as the Personal Microderm device to get the most effective exfoliation, particularly on your face. Dry and rough patches tend to hold more of the tan color making the coverage appear blotchy and uneven. So, exfoliation is key to a smooth tan.

3. Use a loofa to scrub your entire body and remove all the dead skin cells that might still be hanging around. A body scrub with sea salt is ideal.

What Product Should You Use

There are a few different professionally-sprayed-on tans but for this post we are going to focus on the at-home tan.

The price range for at-home tanning product ranges from only a couple dollars to a couple hundred dollars. Knowing which product to try can save a lot of time and money. Because there are hundreds of products on the market we decided to make it simple and recommend only one product.

It goes on quickly, the tan shows up relatively fast, and it is inexpensive. We wanted a product you could continually come back to without breaking the bank but get consistent results. The winner, coming in at $10 a bottle…

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<i>We aren’t the only ones talking about this product:</i>

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How to Apply

The key to a great at-home tan is finding the right product but then also finding the right application method. Here are a couple tips we find useful:

1. Use a mitt to apply on your arms, legs and core area. This does two things: the smooth surface of the mitt leaves a constant coat of tanning solution but it also helps avoid getting overly orange, greasy hands.

2. Back application is tricky. To make it easier, get an old bath towel, squirt a fair amount of tanning lotion on the towel then rub it back and forth along your back.

3. Plan a time when you can stay home in light, loose clothing for a couple hours. You want to give the tan time to set and avoid staining any nicer clothes you may have.

<p>4. To maintain the tan as long as possible use moisturizer every day.<br />