How does the PMD work? Dr Mark Taylor on the PMD

What Is Microdermabrasion? Watch Dr Mark Taylor explain.


If you have ever wondered, “How does the PMD work?” Watch world renowned dermatologist Dr Mark Taylor explain the science behind microdermabrasion and why the PMD Personal Microderm is the best solution for all of your skincare problems from fine lines and wrinkles to blemishes and acne scars.

2 thoughts on “How does the PMD work? Dr Mark Taylor on the PMD

  1. Marion says:


    I have the device and want to ask a question.
    The disc is seems so far back in…how does it help to exfoliate if it does not touch the skin?

    • megvetter says:

      Hi Marion! So the vacuum suction technology actually pulls your skin in toward the disc and that’s how the exfoliation is able to occur!

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