“Genuinely Obsessed”

After Byrdie Editor Rebecca Dancer found the PMD Clean Pro RQ at the Indie Beauty Expo she became “genuinely obsessed”! Already well versed with PMD Beauty, Rebecca noted Byrdie’s affinity for the PMD Clean and Personal Microderm. In 2019 Byrdie named the PMD Clean the “Best Facial Cleansing Brush for Anti-Aging”.

Byrdie called the PMD Clean Pro RQ a “one upped version” of the PMD Clean. Enhanced with a genuine rose quartz gemstone and ActiveWarmth Technology- the PMD Clean Pro RQ is luxurious.

In regards to the changes to technology, Byrdie was clearly excited saying: “Let me repeat that: It’s a crystal, and it heats up.”.

With ease, Rebecca has added the PMD Clean Pro RQ into her skincare routine. “So far, I’ve used it mostly as intended: After applying my toner, serum, eye cream and moisturizer, I run the heated stone across my face for a few heavenly minutes every night and sometimes in the mornings to wake up my skin.”

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