Bathroom Drawer Must-Haves!

I recently gave thought to my “filled to the rim” bathroom drawer. Does anyone else feel like it’s filled with products used once and just taking up space? I do, and I went ahead and cleaned out everything that I don’t consider my ‘bathroom drawer essentials’. What could I not do without? I narrowed it down to these four essentials.

Every night I wash my face with PMD Advanced Soothing Cleanser It’s gentle and prevents my skin from breakouts.
No matter how busy or tired I am before bed, cleansing is top on my list.

A little bit of lip color goes a long way. NARS Turkish Delight lip gloss is definitely a favorite.
Bringing some color and shine to my lips helps make me feel feminine and alive.

The Wet Brush is another must have. I have no idea what I did before I owned one of these fabulous brushes.
For someone with long, thick hair, brushing is no longer a dreaded task.

Last, is my Smashbox Brow Tech powder.
It provides my brows with shape and definition, helping me look groomed and polished without having to use a ton of make-up.

While I have a ton of products I love, these are the four I use every single day. A clean face, colored lips, smooth hair and polished eyebrows made my list of bathroom drawer must haves. Let’s all clean out our bathroom drawers and get organized. Let us know about your favorite products and what products you can’t do without!

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