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Kiss Featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine

Cosmopolitan recently wrote a telling article on ‘everything you need to know before getting lip fillers’ and highlighted 5 ways to “fake it” for those of us who want those supple luscious lips but don’t want injections! Can you guess what device was highlighted as one of the 5 ways to “fake it”?!

Evening Out Your Uneven Skin Tone – One Weekly Step

What’s one of the biggest skincare concerns for women across the board? Uneven skin tone! Whether it’s left-over blemishes from the teen years, or just an accumulation of damage that’s left you with blemishes, an uneven skin tone can wreak some serious havoc on your confidence. With this one weekly step, however, you’ll be on your way to building brilliant confidence in your skin again!

Dawn Gallagher – There is No Expiration On Beauty

  Bullied one day and shooting Vogue covers the next, Dawn Gallagher talks about overcoming flaws and turning them into her greatest assets. “The things you think that are your flaws and that you think you need to hide, you need to show with pride.” As Dawn became a supermodel, she was told that her […]

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