Allure Magazine’s Skin Smoother | The PMD Personal Micorderm

Buffing away dark spots sounds like the stuff of dreams (our dreams, at least), but the PMD Personal Microderm comes ridiculously close to making that a reality. The exfoliator looks a lot like a buzzing electrical toothbrush, only instead of bristles, its got a crystal disc. Or rather, as many as 14 discs, for use on the face and body. (They come in several grits, but do yourself a favor and stick with the gentlest two for the face: The coarsest irritated our testers skin.) After using the PMD twice a week for three months (which is more frequent than the manufacturers recommendations), our tester noted that his dark spots left over from acne were nearly gone and his skin was brighter overall. “It’s as close to a professional microdermabrasion treatment as you can get at home, and it even vacuums up dead skin cells just like a professional tool,” says Jeannette Graf, a dermatologist in Great Neck, New York. “It’ll help fade sun spots and get rid of dead skin-which accentuates pores and wrinkles-more efficiently than scrubs or cleansing brushes.”

Did anyone else notice the PMD tester from Allure Magazine was a man?  Pretty cool that both men and woman are loving and using the Personal Microderm.  Even men want clearer, brighter skin.  Love that the Personal Microderm is changing skin and making our “dreams come true.”

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