The PMD Ambassador Program

The PMD Ambassador Program was designed to allow small bloggers to earn a PMD by agreeing to perform several tasks. These tasks range from reviewing the PMD on retail sites to posting pictures on social media.

To Complete Ambassador Program;

  1. Submit the form to the right.
  2. Wait for your acceptance email stating whether or not you were accepted into the PMD Ambassador Program.
  3. Commit to completing the steps outlined below.
  4. Complete your first microdermabrasion treatment using the white training disc.
  5. Speak to one of our certified PMD Experts.
  6. Receive your free pack of replacement discs(6 discs) a $20 value.


PMD will not give out our $159 PMD for free without a firm commitment. You will have to pay for the PMD up front, but as soon as you complete the steps, the full amount will be refunded to you.


PMD Promises that you will receive a full refund on your PMD device when you complete the 5 step PMD Ambassador Program.

How will I get my Free Device?

You will purchase the PMD normally on our site,,,, or Then you will complete the Ambassador Requirements, and

If you have a questions give us a call 1-888-445-4532

*For questions about the ambassador program, email [email protected] 

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