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Are you ready to uncover radiant bright skin? Use your PMD Personal Microderm device for 8 weeks and show us your results! Post a side by side before and after image to your social media with #pmdchallenge for a chance to win a $100 Nordstrom gift card. A new winner is selected from new images every 8 week cycle!


Still not convinced? Check out these results. We’re confidence you will see a change in your skin in 8 weeks time. You will see changes in texture, tone, and brightness.


We recommend watching our how-to video at

Cleanse&Dry Skin

1. Cleanse and dry skin thoroughly

Use the White Disc on Arm or Leg

2. Using the white disc, practice on arm or leg before using on face

Pull skin tight

3. Pull skin tight to help device smoothly glide over skin

Move device quickly over skin in an upward motion

4. Move the device quickly across skin in an upward motion

Apply toner&moisturizer

5. Following treatment apply toner and moisturizer

wash cap&filter after each use

6. Wash the cap and filter after each use


  1. Start with white training disc
  2. Glide quickly along skin
  3. Do not apply pressure
  4. Do not stop or remain in one area
  5. Only one pass per area
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